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Imagine ...

That you want to buy or sell meat or meat products, all possible types, fresh or frozen, organic or non-organic, large or small batches.

That you instruct someone to contact more than 100 private individuals or companies for you, informing them about your ad in their native language.

That you can choose the country or countries in which the contacts must be made, that you can select the type of company you want to be contacted and that you can set the maximum distance at which this company must be located. And all that in a database that can grow to more than 10,000 addresses across the globe.

That you are in control of who the sales or wanted ad is sent to on a company by company basis.

That you receive information on the average market prices of a product that you want to buy or sell, for either the last month, the last week or the latest transactions on the international market.

That you have the freedom to trade, buy or sell on a global market without restrictions or borders and without a language barrier.

That you are offered tools for logistics and a textualised and visualised database in 8 languages, for all types of meat.

That you receive financial information of all companies you want to trade with.

That you can do all this in no more than 5 to 10 minutes, at limited costs.

All this will become available today:


The first online meat auction in the world

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